Ph.D. Students

  • Min Zhao - Ph.D. student in Psychology
  • Ryan Luna, MS
    (Joined Lydia Kavraki's Physical and Biological Computing group at Rice University as a Ph.D. student.)
  • James D. Marble, MS
    (Joined Sierra Nevada Corporation.)
  • Ilias Apostolopoulos, MS
    (Joined the research project of Dr. Eelke Folmer and Dr. George Bebis and currently working towards his PhD degree at UNR.)
  • Yanbo Li, MS
    (Joined Noble Studios Inc.)
  • Qandeel Sajid, undergraduate researcher
    (Continuing as a PhD student at USC with Maja Mataric.)
  • Alexis Oyama, undergraduate researcher
    (Joined the MS program of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.)
  • Ethan Pang, undergraduate researcher
    (Joined Micron Technology, Inc.)
  • Jared Rhizor, undergraduate researcher
    (Continuing his studies at the University of Nevada, Reno.)

Former Visitors