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Kostas Bekris

We are in the process of transitioning our website to a new URL: Kostas Bekris' Webpage.

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Rutgers University

Contact Info

Research Area: Algorithmic Robotics

I am interested in designing practically efficient algorithms with desirable formal guarantees in robotics. I have primarily focused on motion planning and coordination algorithms but I am increasingly working with machine learning methods in the context of perception and control challenges. My research group is currently focusing on the following application domains:

  • collaborative manipulators that can effectively operate and interact in human environments and can impact domains, such as logistics, manufacturing and service robotics;
  • novel platforms that take advantage of compliance, under-actuation and soft material so as to safely operate in unstructured environments and can impact applications, such as space exploration;
  • coordination and modeling of many robots or physically-realistic agents in serious simulations and games that can impact domains, such as transportation planning, urban design and security applications.

Summary of Research Projects